Jewellery Remodelling

Often jewellery is passed from one generation down to the next but sometimes the style of the piece means that it is no longer fashionable to wear or the condition is now so poor that it is not safe to wear. Re-modelling offers the opportunity to design a new piece using the original stones, and so retaining the personal attachment but in a design that you now love and desire to wear.

Please see some examples below;

Sometimes the jewellery that we have from a loved relative is not valuable in itself but brings back so many wonderful memories of the person who wore it . This costume brooch from the sixties is very much of its time and the new owner wanted to create something that she would wear now with fond memories attached.From the one brooch we were able to create a matching suite of pendant earrings bangle and ring.


Here is an example of a daughter inheriting her mothers engagement and wedding rings but, her own style was for white metal for larger impact rings.

A concave whitegold ring with a textured finish was made and the engagement solitaire diamond set into the top of the band the original yellow gold wedding band was made to sit in the middle of the ring and to move freely.

In this example we have taken the husbands wedding ring and made it into a contemporary offset circle and set the original engagement ring into the centre of the band, combining them both into a contemporary pendant.

Michael specialises in re-creating new modern heirlooms by using stones from original pieces no longer wearable due to age or style.

Emily loved this ring of her grandmothers but wanted a more contemporary styled cluster without claw settings. Made in platinum this ring will now be an heirloom for the future.

emilys rings

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